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Carousel at night.

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I love your tumblr, grettings from Venezuela :) xx take care.

Thank you! :)

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I hear you fuck the internet. Interesting in fucking a best friend?

I just had to lol. yes. very, very interesting.

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You got the best tumblr ever, you're genius!!! Say hi to Chile (;

Hello! Thank you!

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Greetings from Australiaaaaaa

Thank you! 

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Alona Beach, Panglao / Balut Island, Panglao BOHOL, THE PHILIPPINES

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My new sounds:

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My attempt at singing the Chorus of Ode to Joy. I had a hard time learning to pronounce some words. I hope i did justice.

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Wow. This made my day. Thanks :)

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These are screen caps from a Queen’s concert. Just Look at her. This was after Freddie sang Love of My Life. This is sheer love that loud fan girls of this generation will never understand.

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I just watched Steve Mccury on CNN earlier and admired his works of art. Steve is an acclaimed Photographer and is best known for capturing the image of the Afghan girl. He said in the interview that he loves to take pictures in Asia as this is a place of culture, conflict, beauty and diversity. CNN showed some of his photos and one of them is a picture of the Banaue rice terraces, Philippines. He never mentioned that he     went here already, luckily, he has this awesome site where he puts all of his images and his photos from PH are also there. I decided to put some of his photos here; Though saddening, he dramatically captures some of the bitter realities of some of the most challenged corners of the world. I really love his portraits that tell stories of the people in it.

(Source: stevemccurry.wordpress.com)

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